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A Healing, Helping and Creative World-

My services of Light, Love and Pure Radiant Energy


I am a Jack of all Trades Reiki Master, Sound, Crystal & Massage Therapist, plus a Kid Sitter.


I am hard working, dedicated, compassionate and extremely creative.

I have over a 1000 hours of training in Massage Therapy plus at least 200 to 300 hours of Alternative Healing work (Sound, Crystals, Reiki, etc)

I love the feeling of serving others with alternative ways to heal.  I love utilizing the Power of Reiki, Sound,  Massage, Crystals to help people find Balance, Peace Harmony and Joy.  I just love helping facilitate healing sessions.  

*Women Only* since I am doing the healing sessions out of my place where I live.  (unless I know you personally )

I can help Both Males and Females if I go to public places and give Mini Chair Massage, Reiki, and Sound Therapy Sessions .


I Love kids and Healing People and Pets!


If you need a kid sitter or pet walker/reiki on pets, I can help with those too!! 

Prefer walking distance from Downtown Davison Michigan (since i walk everywhere)

Kids and Animals are the best ! They both seem to have an amazing sense of connection with me! I love helping them!

              I can help the kids learn about crystals, sound and meditation.                                    We can find fun ways to use positive affirmations, and               intentions to help bring the New Earth here.

                        We can go outside, we can do creative activities.                                            I can help with homework and whatever is needed.                               I am an Author plus I have written and Illustrated a kid's book.  

We could have story time and enjoy good and quality time together!